How to Find the Right Car Mats for Your Car

How do you find the right car mats?

Though aftermarket car mats are made to factory specs, they will fit precisely like the original floor mats – but only if you choose the right ones in the first place.

The tricky part is the make, model and year of your car will all affect what kind of floor mats you can buy for your car. But it's easy enough to work it out for yourself. Dive into this guide by Car Mats Australia.

Measure the Car Mats You Have Right Now

If you're looking to replace your old car mats, the easiest approach is to measure what you've got currently. You may be thinking to change your existing car mats due to stains or smells. Or you may simply want to make your car a nicer place. An easy way to do that is to get new mats. All you need is an aftermarket replacement for the original car mats you already have.

How to Measure Your Mats

Make sure you've got your tape measure handy. Take your existing mats from the floor of your car. Move them to the garage floor or driveway and spread them out flat, so you can measure them evenly.

Measure the width and length of the floor mats. Don't forget to measure each of the front car mats! You can't assume they're the same. Because one is for the passenger seat and one is for the driver, they may end up with different measurements.

Measure the Floor Space of Your Car

If you don't have your car mats, or want ones with a slightly different fit, you can go for a different approach: To directly measure the floor space inside the car. Start by taking out the existing car mats, to get them out of the way.

How to Measure the Width

To get the width of the floor area, you'll have to take your measurement in the exact right place. Start from the base of the central pillar. Measure all the way to where the floor starts to rise to meet the door, but don't include the rise itself. If the floor is entirely flat and doesn't have a rise at all, that means that you'll measure all the way to the inside edge of the door sill.

There's also a chance that you'll buy a single car mat that covers the entire floor, from one side of the car to the other. Just in case you take this option, take this measurement too, so you have the entire span of the car from door to door. Measure the width of the back seat floor in the same way you did the front seat floor.

How to Measure the Length

To measure the length of the floor area in front of the driver's seat, get your tape measure to start from the very front of the seat, and measure until you reach ten to twenty centimetres from pedals.

The passenger side is similar. Take the measurement from the front edge of the seat all the way to where the foot well starts to rise. You will probably find that it has the same dimensions as the driver seat, but it pays to check.

That's not all; you'll have to do the length of the back seat floor as well. These will probably be much shorter than the ones in the front, so you can just measure the area where the passengers' feet will naturally rest.

However, you can also take your measurement from where the front seat ends to where the back seat begins, if you prefer slightly bigger rear floor mats.

Find Your Car Mats

What next? You can search for car mats for your specific make and model, right on our website. Take a look and find your car mats today

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