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The Ford Ranger has become popular because it retains affordable pricing and has advanced features, which attracted many consumers to purchase them.

If you are looking to get premium Ford Ranger floor mats, we offer the best Ford Ranger floor mats at Car Mats Australia.

Why is the Ford Ranger popular?

A unique truck with quality features

Many different trucks serve the same purpose, and many of them are built to last.

However, the Ford Ranger is designed with toughness, compactness, and fuel economy in mind, making the Ford Ranger the perfect truck.

Great performance and technology

The Ford Ranger has come a long way since it was first introduced. The design and features have steadily improved over time.

Features like the anti-lock braking system “Sure-Track” have allowed the Ford Ranger to become more attractive and popular in the eyes of consumers.

Are you looking for Ford Ranger floor mats?

Are you looking for Ford Ranger floor mats for a 2021 model or earlier? Many people are unaware that they should be getting floor mats for their Ford Ranger because the factory mats do not do the job right.

If you are still undecided whether you should be investing in Ford Ranger carpet floor mats, here are some reasons why you should be looking at the best Ford Ranger floor mats in Australia.

With floor mats your Ford Ranger is protected

Many people don’t realise the factory mats that come with your Ford Ranger, while convenient, do not offer the same amount of protection compared to premium Ford Ranger floor mats.

These factory floor mats for your Ford Ranger are not designed to provide adequate coverage. The exposed areas have nothing to stop harsh elements like dust and debris from causing damage to them over time.

The Fits Ford Ranger Car Mats (2012 – Current) can solve that problem for you. They are designed to the manufacturer’s specifications which guarantees that they are correctly fitted and they prevent exposure to harmful elements.

They are made to last

Unlike the factory mats, the Fits Ford Ranger Car Mats (2012 – Current) is designed to last for a long time.

We know that buying premium Ford Ranger floor mats for 2021 or earlier models is an investment, so we designed our mats to last decades.

The Ford Ranger floor mats are designed with high-quality and durable polypropylene carpet (550 GSM).

The Ford Ranger carpet floor mats are designed to be extremely durable yet easy to clean, providing you with the peace of mind that your Ford Ranger looks fresh and clean all the time.

The floor mats fit perfectly

Like all our other floor mats for Ford Ranger vehicles, the Fits Ford Ranger Px Double Cap Car Floor Mats (2011 – On) come with standard fitted eyelets.

They also feature high-quality and durable overlocked edge binding and nylon foam padding, which offers more protection and stays appropriately fitted.

Take the plunge

If you are looking for the bestselling Ford Ranger floor mats in Australia, at Car Mats Australia, we offer the best on the market for you to choose from.

If you ever change your mind, you can always contact our customer support team and return the car mats. If the car mats are in their original state, we will provide you with a full refund and even cover postage.

Floor mats for Ford Ranger FAQs

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