Kia Sportage 2022 -Current Car Mats
Kia Sportage 2022 -Current Car Mats

Kia Sportage 2022 -Current Car Mats

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Brand new aftermarket car mats to perfectly fit your Kia Sportage  Car Mats (2022 - Current). The carpet is high quality 550 GSM polypropylene and has TPR rubber dimple backing.

About Kia Sportage Car Mats (2022 - Current))

Kia Sportage Car Mats (2022 - Current) are purchased as a complete set. That is, all front and rear car mats are sold together for your convenience.

Kia Sportage Car Mats (2022 - Current) are made to perfectly fit your vehicle as per manufacturer specifications. They are made from high-quality and extremely durable polypropylene carpet (550 GSM) which are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, all car mats are only available in black.

Don't be let down by cheap imitations! The quality and durability of our car mats are unbeatable.

Our car mats are a great alternative for current or beaten up car mats and they'll be sure to last whilst still retaining a great look as they age.

Additionally, all our car mats come with all standard fitted eyelets. Also, the Kia Sportage Car Mats (2022 - Current) come complete with high-quality and durable overlocked edge binding and TPR rubber dimple backing to ensure they are firmly kept in place and look great with age, wear and tear.

Our Premium range of Nylon Padded car mats are specially hand made to order. In order for us to complete your order with love and care we need 2-3 days to make them before we ship them to you. This is only for our Premium Nylon range of car mats. Thank you.