2023 Car Floor Mat Trends

Custom floor mats are becoming more and more popular. entitled, in our opinion! A lot of people drive stylish cars, but what about the interior? When selecting a vehicle, the inside is inadequate. With personalized vehicle mats, you can easily set color accents and provide a spectacular impact. We'll demonstrate the top three trends that are especially popular right now.

Flock Light

It's unlikely that this printing process will ever get boring! A doormat with a self-luminous "fluorescent" design that illuminates day and night is only decorative. Obviously, the entire doormat isn't light because it would likely be too distracting for drivers, but you may flock bright parts onto the mat using a unique printing process. Your creativity has no boundaries because text, logos, and motifs can all be used. Your floor mat will motivate all travelers with this highlight!

Glossy Effect

What about your name in sparkling optics? Motifs and writing can be made to truly sparkle by using the glossy effect. Here, a crystallizing printing method is employed to provide a particular gloss to your brand-new automobile floor mat. Of course, it is possible to have different colors and shapes. This style is not just for girls! Your vehicle mat becomes a chic accessory in the car when a cool silver or magnificent gold is mixed with the manufacturer's emblem.

Bright Edge Color

Despite its apparent simplicity, this style of automobile floor mat is still the best! Why? Because the straightforward layout looks attractive and still has the distinct element provided by a colorful border. Every vehicle is visually enhanced by the ageless simplicity and minimalism of the design. A black doormat bordered by bright green or brilliant yellow is a popular combination. The inside of the car immediately appears more artistic and sporty.

You can design your own unique floor mat to make your vehicle a great head-turner! The Car Mats Factory crew is accessible for inquiries and recommendations at any time!

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