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Easy and Convenient Installation

All our products are designed to be user friendly. If you have any questions regarding the installation of your new mat, please get in touch with us, our friendly team is always ready to assist. As always, your new car mats will look great and perfectly fit your vehicle.

Durable and Easy To Clean

Shop with confidence knowing that all our mats are manufactured using easy to clean and durable materials for your peace of mind.

Discover the Best Car Mats in Australia

Are you searching for the perfect car mats for your trusty vehicle? Having the right mats can enhance your driving experience, minimise wear and tear, and keep your car sparkling clean.

If you are looking for the best car mats for your vehicle, Car Mats Australia offers the highest quality car floor mats, specifically designed for your make and model.

Investing in Your Car Mats

You might be thinking, “is spending the extra money on car floor mats worth it?”. The truth is, investing in premium quality car mats can change your driving experience and help maintain your car in the long run.

We invite you to learn more about our product selection before making up your mind on whether you want to invest in our bestselling car mats.

Keeping Your Car Clean

If you’re a serious car enthusiast, you know that your car’s paint job is vital in protecting your vehicle from dust and dirt from the road. So, why not do the same for the interior?

A car floor mat is designed to protect the interior of your car from dust and debris. If you have recently bought a new car it’s a great idea to invest in car mats, because they can keep it looking newer and cleaner for longer

Protecting Your Investment

All cars come with factory mats, but they might not be adequately covered and can cause severe damage to the car if you drive on a busy street.

A car mat is important in preventing your car from being exposed to the elements, especially for those living in snowy areas. It is also a great way to ensure that your car doesn’t rapidly depreciate.

Comfort is Crucial

One of the many reasons to get a high-quality car mat is that it provides the best comfort when driving. Also, consider the right material and size when choosing to get the most comfort.

Car Floor Mat FAQs

Should you have mats in your car?

Having well-chosen car mats in your vehicle helps prevent the elements from damaging your car's interior. They help keep your car clean and importantly, enhance your car's value.

Investing in the right car mats will change your diving experience and save you from dirt, debris and damage in the long run.

Are carpeted floor mats worth it?

Carpeted floor mats offer exceptional comfort and style - and they come in a variety of different sizes and types.

However, they do wear over time. Dust and dirt are prone to collect over time and can be tricky cleaning them. So if you currently have car mats, check their quality to see if you would benefit from a fresh new pair.

Are rubber mats better than carpet?

It depends on your car, your needs, and your preferences. If you’re looking for something that offers more protection, then rubber mats are for you because they are better at protecting the car from the elements, and they last longer.

But if you don’t like how rubber mats look, carpeted mats still offer a good amount of protection against the elements.