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Top 3 Benefits of owning high-quality Car Mats

One might argue that this is the primary function of your car mats. Before you know it, your sparkling car could become a home for dirt and grime. The most common place for this muck is the footwell. This is due to muddy or wet shoes jumping in and out of the car over time.

With Car Mats Australia, you never need worry about keeping your car floor clean. Our premium car mats provide excellent protection from the mud that could damage the carpet on your car floor.

Another great advantage of purchasing car mats is the addition to your car’s aesthetic. Cars footwells can often look empty or even untidy when laid bare. Imagine wood flooring in a lounge; a rug can make all the difference to how the room looks.

This is similar with car mats. Not only do they provide top-quality protection but they also boost your car’s attractive interior. Premium, easy-to-clean car mats can ensure your car is kept pristine and adds life to your car’s overall look.

Car mat cleaning is simple and efficient. Carpet cleaner works well with fabric car mats. Let the cleaner soak in for 30 minutes and then scrub away the grime.

Alternatively, use a pressure washer to blast away any unwanted dirt and muck. You can usually find these at car wash stations if you do not own one yourself. Ensure that you occasionally vacuum your car mats to keep them in great shape and you’ll be good to go!

What are the best car mats in Australia?

Deciding which car mats are the best to purchase in Australia can be tricky. There are 2 main types, each with their own merits and qualities. Read on to find out more about the best car mats in Australia.

Carpet/Fabric Car Mats

Firstly, the most common car mats found in most modern cars tend to be fabric. Fabric car mats are relatively cheap, durable and readily available. They are a great choice for your everyday car. Additionally, they all tend to come with a rubber back to prevent slipping and to protect your car carpet below. Fabric car mats are also designed to absorb and disperse moisture so that they can dry more easily, prevent mess from being spread and also look great!

Furthermore, fabric car mats are lightweight and can easily be removed and washed. Removing dust and dirt from your vehicle is easy with durable, lightweight car mats.

Rubber Car Mats

Next, we have rubber car mats. These can be great if you constantly tread through water and mud and bring it into your car. Rubber mats are designed to capture larger loads of water, mud and dirt. Whilst they don’t look as nice, nor do they provide the same cushion that a fabric car mat provides, they are effective.

However, cheaper ‘rubber’ car mats aren’t made from rubber but rather a cheap plastic compound that resembles rubber. These can crack and look bad over time so it is important that you choose a premium rubber car mat if you want it to last. Finally, rubber car mats usually don’t look as good as fabric car mats.

Conclusion – the best car mats in Australia

After discussing the merits of the best car mats in Australia, it really is up to you. Most people prefer fabric car mats because they look great, capture enough dirt and moisture and are easy to clean. On the other hand, purchasing a premium rubber car mat is essential to ensure the materials last long. Rubber car mats are great for constantly catching larger loads of mud and water.

These are both great choices and the decision is ultimately down to your personal preference. Take a look at our vast selection of high-quality car mats today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber car mats are more suitable for heavy loads of mud and water. However, rubber car mats should be cleared immediately after use as still water and mud may create odours in your car. Additionally, the rubber will not absorb and dissipate any of the moisture like carpet will. Rather, water and mud will tend to pool. Furthermore, rubber car mats tend to crack more easily with age than carpet car mats. On the other hand, polypropylene carpet car mats are a superior fibre to use. Polypropylene dissipates moisture, and stops mud and water from splashing and spreading. In addition, carpet car mats are more durable than rubber car mats, are incredibly easy to clean and retain a much nicer look as they age. Rubber and carpet mats both have their own merits. Firstly, carpet or fabric car mats provide you with a cleaner looking environment. They also come with a rubber back to prevent them from slipping and stops water and dirt from penetrating through to your car carpet. Alternatively, rubber car mats are great for capturing larger loads of mud and water. So the decision is up to you and your personal preference.

The last thing anyone wants when purchasing a new or used car is to ruin the floor with muddy boots or wet shoes. Car mats provide a great level of protection against water damage and general wear and tear. Also, Car Mats Australia offer quality fabric car mat options to give you the best of durability, style and cleanliness. Car mats are an important part of the overall upkeep of your car. If you are looking to ensure that your car stays in tip-top shape, Car Mats Australia are here for you. Using car mats is the best way to protect your car’s carpets from damage as well as keep them clean. Damaged carpet is costly and difficult to fix because carpet is stitched to perfectly fit the vehicle. Additionally, you’ll need to remove car fittings such as seats to replace damaged carpet. So, if you are looking to prolong the look of your vehicle or if you’re looking to resell the vehicle, then consider high quality car mats from Car Mats Australia. Furthermore, without protection, car carpets can become stained with dirt and grease. Car floor mats can easily be removed and cleaned to ensure your car maintains its aesthetic and is kept relatively hygienic.

Some rubber car mats may be designed to be universal but they will not provide a perfect fit for your car. They are designed to fit somewhat well into many different cars but often require trimming which will ruin how they look. Additionally, trimming car mats will reduce the effectiveness of retaining mud and water since the edges will be compromised. These car mats are generally inadequate for most vehicles as they simply don’t fit and can be quite heavy, making them inconvenient to remove and clean. Consequently, the best option for all vehicles is to purchase car mats designed to perfectly fit your car. This way, they look great, are effective and will be easy to maintain, ensuring that your car always looks great. Furthermore, perfectly fitting car mats create less space for dirt and thus protects your car more efficiently. They are also more comfortable and last longer because they fit perfectly and ensure that there won’t be any folds.

Of course! Perfectly fitting car floor mats are designed to be removed easily and maintained regularly so that your car looks great all the time. Furthermore, there are a couple different ways that you can go about cleaning your car mats. Firstly, you use carpet cleaner. Spray onto the mats and allow it to be soaked up for half an hour. Once absorbed, use a brush to remove the dirt and grime. Our second method is to use a pressure washer on low pressure, similar to that as which you’d wash your car. If you don’t own one, they are often cheap to use at self car washes. They can work well to force the dirt off and leave you with clean car mats.

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