Best Toyota Land Cruiser Accessories in Australia: Top 10

Which Toyota Land Cruiser accessories are the most essential in Australia? We recognize that you lead a busy life and that your Toyota Land Cruiser must accommodate all of your needs. This is why we developed a simple add-on system that enables you to quickly add items from your wish list while sitting at home.

Dirt-Resistant Car Mats

Car mats are necessities, not embellishments. That is a fact; every car must have at least a pair of mats. When the weather is dry, wet, warm, or cold, a good set of mats will safeguard the interior of your automobile. For LandCruiser, this is very critical.

Hook-mounted Bike Rack

Bicycle racks that are hitch-mounted are a great substitute for roof-mounted or trunk-mounted racks. In 2022, the Shingleback Rack will be a required addition to the Toyota Land Cruiser. It is simple to take off when not in use, and full-suspension mountain bikes with inclined top tubes may be transported safely because the front wheel rests in a cradle.

Alloy Bull Bar

The aluminum bull bar, which can be used to tow and carry huge loads with ease, will be the Toyota Land Cruiser's most crucial accessory in 2022. The alloy bull bar is a great substitute for the conventional steel bull bar because it is much lighter, does not rust, and is simple to take off when not needed.

Trail Lights

The tail lights are yet another excellent Toyota Land Cruiser accessory. It makes nighttime travel on dirt roads safer. ADR-approved Genuine MAXILAMPS provide excellent lighting and security for your vehicle. You may just put the wires safely into the safelight unit; you won't even need to cut any of the wires.

Bedside Toolbox

The majority of bed-mounted toolboxes are built of durable aluminum and have a lockable lid, which is useful if you want to protect your possessions while traveling or even at home.

They won't bend or damage anything, so don't worry about it! They can be utilized as extra storage when working on your car or going off-road, in addition to being used as a luggage compartment.


Owners of LandCruisers can benefit from having snorkels. If you find yourself in deep water or need to cross a body of water, having a snorkel can really come in handy.

Snorkels are strong and long-lasting, as well as very inexpensive and simple to install—you simply need to put them in your car, and you're done!

Bonnet Protector

Although they are not required, bonnet protectors for your Land Cruiser are highly advised. They will shield the front of your car from dings and dents that low-hanging branches and shopping carts might leave behind. The bonnet guard will keep your car looking brand new and allow it to age gracefully.

Window Tint

The Land Cruiser would benefit greatly from having tinted windows. They shield you from UV rays and harsh sunlight while allowing the driver to enjoy their solitude.

This is especially helpful if you wish to avoid other drivers' attention or are driving in a region with excessive heat. In addition, tinted windows are incredibly simple to install and maintain.

Off-Road Navigation Maps

If you want to drive your Toyota Land Cruiser off-road, you'll need off-road maps. You can only plan and find your way to the best off-roading locations using these maps. Off-road downloads are available on many apps as well. Hema maps, as an example.

Wireless Charger 

To charge your phone more conveniently while driving, use a wireless charger practically any place in the vehicle. You won't need to take your eyes off the road to keep up with all of your notifications or to answer calls, text messages, or emails thanks to this.


It's wonderful to see that there is such a variety of Toyota Land Cruiser accessories available today, allowing owners of these vehicles to stand out with distinctive aesthetics and diverse usefulness. In light of this, you should probably purchase one of these extras if you drive a Toyota Land Cruiser in Australia.

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