Top Tips for Keeping Your Car Mats in Perfect Condition

It doesn't matter how meticulous you are about keeping your car clean on the inside – debris gets in.

Every time you hop in the car, you're transferring a new layer of dirt from your shoes to the floor mats. Not to mention, every time food crumbs or drinks are spilled, gravity always brings them down to the same place.

If you're out to restore the feeling of a new car, cleaning the car floor mats is a simple way to freshen up the inside. Here's how to keep your car mats pristine and in perfect condition.


First, take the car mat out of the car. You want to clean it down outside, not inside. To get the debris off, start by vacuuming both sides of the car mat. This will clear the floor mat of the major pieces of dirt stuck to it.

If your car mats are made of rubber, you can whack them on a hard surface to help get rid of any large pieces of debris. The ground will do just fine for this purpose. You can also use a hose for pressurised water to dislodge especially stubborn pieces of dirt. Only wash the mats on the upper side, not the lower side that touches the car floor.


Next comes the soap wash. There are a few ways you can approach this.

Baking Soda

If your floor mat is made of fabric, use a baking soda mix as the first step before you apply soap proper.

Though it sounds simple, it goes a long way to eliminate stains and smells. All you need to do is rub a solution of baking soda and water into the fabric of the car mat.

If you find some pieces of dirt left over that the vacuum didn't pick up, simply use a hard-bristle brush to scrub it off.

Detergent and Shampoo

If you prefer a simple soap water scrub, combine equal amounts of laundry detergent and shampoo in a mixing bowl. Rub the mixture into the fabric of the car mat, using a firm bristle brush. Don't be shy here – scrub vigorously to get the soap right into the fabric. The soap will all come off with a rinse in clean water.

Carpet Cleaner Spray

Alternatively, you can go with a spray on the surface of the car mat. A spray-on carpet cleaner is easy to apply. Just let it rest for 30 minutes, so it can absorb into the fabric, then use a hand brush to massage it in further.

Steam Cleaner or Washer

If you have a steam cleaner, a power washer or a washing machine, you can also use these to clean your car floor mats.


Hang the car mats on the laundry line to dry. Don't put the floors mats back into the car until they're completely dry. Otherwise, you'll just end up getting a musty odour in the car, rather than getting that clean fresh feeling you were after in the first place.

If your car mats are fabric, it may pay to vacuum them once more before you put them back in the car. This will help remove any residues and debris that may still be left over. The best vacuum cleaners will have a special hose attachment for sucking up moisture, but a conventional vacuum will also work just as well.

Get Fresh Car Mats

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